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Thursday, May 31, 2012
The End of May!!!!

With a few days left to my ORD date, i'm clearing my off and leave by staying at home to chill and relax. After so many months since i last post in this blog.

6:26 AM

Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Few Weeks from POP

CAn't wait to POP from BMT. Finally got a long break b4 booking in on sunday. this is the correct time for me to recover and spent time with friends and catch up with my animes and shows.

6:52 AM

Friday, June 4, 2010
Passed my Driving^^

I'm so happy that i hav gotten my driving license on my 1st try^^
I was so worried that i would fail my test as strike the kerb ><""
Luckily i didn't go over the 20 demerit points boundary hahhaha.
Thats is why i live a simple and carefree lifestyle^^

6:10 AM

Wednesday, May 19, 2010
My Graduation DAY

I hav been looking forward to this day where i graduated from Temasek Polytechnic^^ Miss those precious time (3yrs) that i spent with my friends. Thank all my tutors/lecturers/careperson/parents but most importantly treasure the friends that i hav make during the 3 yrs of my life in Polytechnic^^ Took many photos with my friends but didn't get to take a pic with TSH because my friend keep making it tough for me to ask hahha.

Anyway Going to the army on the 7th june 2010. thats like 2 weeks left for me b4 i posted to tekong lolz

Hopefully i will get in touch with all my friends including those poly and sec friends^^

Live a simple and carefree Lifestyle!!!!

9:25 AM

Saturday, April 10, 2010
My 20th birthday^^

My 20th Birthday^^ reaching adult-hood le. Sounds so old but 20 is a nice no. hahha
Ppl keep saying that i'm no more a teenager le since i reach the digit 2+ and no more a 1+ ><
My bro and sis got me a guitar cool present^^ gonna learnt how to play it hahha
Tonight i gonna eat out with my family to celebrate my birthday ^^ hahhaha
Live a simple and carefree lifestyle^^

1:36 AM

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Finally Poly life is over!!!

It's been almost 2months since i last blog^^
Having completed my 3rd yr of poly which i consider it as the toughest semester in my stay in Tpoly.
It has already been about 2 weeks since my last paper and i hav been staying home for quite some time heheh. Not really into getting a job since i'm gonna enter army very soon estimation july-aug period hahhaha^^ i am also waiting for my exam result which will be out very soon hopefully GPA can increase^^
During my so called vacation period b4 army i hope to gain back my fitness which i haven't been able to get it for quite some time hehehe plus i will be going in 2 months early due to a fail grade in my napfa hahhaha LMAO *FAILED* Another thing that i wish to complete is to passed my driving test b4 i enter the army and that sould be it for my goal for now><
hahhaha ALways:)
Living A Simple And Carefree LIFESTYLE!!!!!!

4:27 AM

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
1st practical lesson for driving!!!

Its been a long time since i last wrote my blog. time to start a little by writing abt what i hav been doing recently.

Today is my 1st practical lesson and it was very fun as i travel from Ubi to Temasek poly to Eunos. My hands tends to hold the driving wheels too tidely and i engine stall abt 20times hahhahah:) what to do 1st mah hahhaha
1st lesson already start to drive making Turns, parking and reversing hahahha.

Can't wait to start my second driving lesson from the friendly instructor^^

6:05 AM